Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Agenda was a Hot Topic

Meetings at member's houses isn't a new thing for WOV, but our President, LaVerne is turning up the heat on home-grown administration. She's personally hosted more than a few home meetings and workshops; VP, Christine Bethea hosted the August, 2014 meeting at her place, and WOV is looking forward to other home based organizational gatherings.

Mayota Hill
"We used to do things this way, a lot more got done and we got to know each other better, " LaVerne said pleased with the close to full member turn out for August. Tasty snacks and beverages were cheerfully donated and WOV members always have collections and artsy items that can inspire anyone to create.

The meeting covered Sandra German's memorial, discussion on educational components for our November exhibition "Storytellers," photographing WOV work, as well as how to handle professional development with our members. WOV also welcomed back Mayota Hill.

Keep working. Our Storytellers exhibition deadline in Sept. 1.
Christine's dolls, buttons and art makings.