Thursday, July 31, 2014

Celebrating the Life of a Sandra German

One of WOV's most prolific, intelligent and engaging members--Sandra German--left this earth on Monday, July 28, 2014. Sandra was described by her daughter, Vanessa German this way in a recent post on Facebook:
German's Memorial Exhibit @ Tina Brewer's Trolley Museum
     "My Ma was an Artist. A fiber artist, a quilt maker a lover of boldness, brave women, sharp eyed tender men, and babies. She taught her whole,entire life. She saved lives. She trusted her instincts. She swore better than any sailor could ever hope to string a bead of sharp tongued missives. She danced and laughed and cried and was afraid sometimes, she lived the way an artist should live---exactly how she wanted to."

In addition, we at WOV will always remember her wit, her boundless energy and her willingness to share her time and multitude of artistic gifts with the young; the old and people from all walks of life

Rather than flowers, the family prefers donations be sent to Vanessa German c/o
 The Amazing Sandra German, Love Front Porch, 7743 Hamilton Ave, Pgh., PA 15208.

Future plans include a Sandra German Visionary Quilt and Fiber Arts Festival
Quilt by Sandra German

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Meeting,. Exhibit Deadline Extension and other Thots

Besides starbangledness, July brought five members to LaVerne's house for our regular monthly meeting.  (including Tina, Hariette, Dee, and Christine). LaVerne's house and garden are lovely, in the way only an artist can make it. The bottle tree in her front yard is not only a greeting, but a friendly throwback to the days when blue bottle trees were a southern staple for African American gardeners, created to repel the "haints." We may even post pics of some of our members gardens before the summer is out.

LaVerne had to decided that one of the goals of WOV for the upcoming year was to enhance the camaraderie by hosting in-home meetings from time to time. Two of the highlights of our evening were a decision to extend our deadline for submission to Storytellers: Truth Be Told to Monday, September 1, 2014. Also we had a special guest whom LaVerne had met at church earlier that day. Pat Powers, a former member came to our meeting to tell us what she's been doing the last several years, and to give us some background, not known by many of our members, on our organization's history which we look forward to investigating further. The evening rounded out with wonderfully delicious snacks donated by members and encouraged to return home with that same member to save the others from potential extra calories :-).

Hope you're working on art for our November exhibition. details on the Storytellers tab at the top of this page.

Until August!
Kemp Styled Bottle Tree
Laverne's potting Method